Rental FAQs

I have lost my code, how can I find it?

You can receive a locker code reminder by entering your email address here

Can I change my locker code?

No, unfortunately not as the locks are specially pre-programmed prior to the school year and we cannot change locker codes remotely.

I don't like the location or height of my locker. Can I move to a different locker?

No, all lockers are randomly distributed by the rental system and unfortunately we are unable to change your locker once you have rented your locker. We are unable to change locker codes remotely and it would involve a physical visit to the site to re-programme the lock, meaning we wouldn’t be able to re-sell your initial locker to another customer. If you do have any special medical requirements and your locker is causing any issues, please ask your school to get in touch with us and we will review your case on an individual basis.

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